Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hungry Bird

This is one of the strangest birds I've encountered in a while. I was walking down the main street in front of the Kagoshima Art Museum, and one bird came swooping down at me, followed by a second that seemed to be chasing it. The first billowed its wings open to stop in front of me and the second flew off. Initially, the first one had looked like a owl. Then it hopped up on the fence railing and looked down at the carp pool for a snack, looking like a kiwi.

Here, it looks like a 'fisher of some kind.

Now, like a hawk.

Finally, it resembles a light-colored raven.
Very strange. It's also very brave, letting me get within 5 feet of it for the photo without reacting at all.


jaydeejapan said...

It does look like a kingfisher or something. Never seen one up close before. I saw a group of cormorants just a week ago near my apartment. Never seen them there before.

TSOTE said...

I've never seen a 'fisher before, period. The wiki article indicates that they're more colorful, so either this one is a female, or it's wearing its winter plumage.

Where's your apartment?
I was in Gifu for 2 days back several years ago, right around this time of the year, and all the cormorants were gone. I was most disappointed. Did you take photos?