Friday, January 6, 2012

Junzou Ishikawa exhibit in Fuchu

There's a disadvantage to living in the countryside. While there are art museums and galleries here, they usually feature traditional western or Japanese exhibits (ukiyo-e, Rembrandt, Dali, etc.) But they'll carry fliers for anime or manga-related showings taking place in museums elsewhere. I can understand this when the flier is for Kumamoto or Fukuoka, which are both large cities on the Kyushu island.

(Junzou Ishiko)

But this time, the flier is for the Junzou Ishikawa exhibit (石子順造) at the Fuchu Art Museum, in Fuchu City (within a 20 minute bike ride of my old apartment west of Tokyo). I doubt anyone will remember Junzou, but he was one of the art critics that wrote articles for the Garo gekiga manga magazine during the period that I was documenting a couple of years ago (1965-1975). One of his main articles was about the art of Yoshiharu Tsuge. And yes, I really wish I could go check it out.

(Cover of the flier.)

The exhibit runs from 12/10/11 to 2/26/12. 700 yen for adults.

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