Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sea of Cement

From the road leading south down from the hilltop hotel, we have the urban sprawl portion of Kagoshima. That yellow line thing running from the middle of the photo to the bottom right corner is the main train line that heads northeast to Kagoshima Station. Kagoshima Chuo Station is to the far top left.

A little bit closer to the Kagoshima-Chuo Station.

The squarish green, white and orange sign at the top of one of the buildings at the top center of the photo is the Taiyo grocery store that I walk to 2-3 times a week for orange juice. "Taiyo" means "sun", and that's what the sign is supposed to represent. Towards the bottom of the photo you can see part of the wall for the Kotsuki river, running under the bridge. My apartment is half a mile from the left edge of the photo.

The Amupla building, which is connected to the Kagoshima-Chuo Station.

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