Saturday, January 14, 2012


Back in October, I wrote about the Kagoshima Stamp Rally. Because I went out of my way to get all nine stamps (actually, 10 stamps on one of the cards) from areas around the city, I was kind of hoping to get at least a "thank you for participating" post card in the mail. I knew the deadline for submitting the entries was Nov. 30, and that there going to be some kind of decision regarding the prizes some time in December, but when the first of January came and went, I got to wondering what the exact details of the contest were. On Jan. 7, I went back to the brochure with the rules, and it said that the drawings were going to take place in the middle of Dec., the lower-level prize winners would be notified by mail, and that the two top winners (one for getting all 9 stamps, the other for honorable mention) would receive notification by phone. At that point, I resigned myself to the fact that I hadn't won.

This last Friday, I had my first group English lesson for the new year, and one of the students, the one who drove me around to get 5 of the stamps in one day, told me that there'd actually been an official ceremony with the mayor of Kagoshima last week, awarding out all of the prizes, and she'd gotten a ceramic tea serving tray worth 5000 yen ($60 USD). Congrats to her. And I guess this proves that I got squat.

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