Monday, January 30, 2012

Two-faced building

Coming down the road south of the hilltop hotel, along the east side of the cul de sac, we have this apartment building. Looks pretty new from the front.

And from the side.

But, on closer inspection, the nearest apartment is empty and the bars over the window are rusted.

Now, we get to the back. The sign is actually just an ad for the leasing company.

Note just exactly how rusty those bars over the windows really are. Mail boxes aren't in great shape either.

The exposed rebar at the underside of the roof is the real give away. Night lighting could use a new coat of paint, too.

The meter to the right is for water, I think. The beige panel to the left over the apartment door is where the electric meter is supposed to go. I assume that if someone moved in, the power company would come in and install a new one. I guess this is one way to keep squatters from stealing power.

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Bunny said...

That looks like a gas meter.