Saturday, February 11, 2012


Just a short post this time. Got my results for the JLPT.

13 out of 60 for vocabulary, 21 of 60 for reading and 36 of 60 for listening. 70 of 180 total. Annoying, given how much time I put into studying for vocab/grammar, and the fact that I'm usually reading. I kind of left listening for last, and that's the one that I had the biggest improvements in.

"C" grade for vocab/grammar, "B" for listening. 60% is passing, and I got exactly 60% for listening. 38% total, though. Up 10% from the last test, and I did say I'd be happy if I failed at a higher level this time, but I was hoping for 50%, anyway. I guess this means more of the same studying again. Next test is in July. Have to decide eventually if it's worth taking again.

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