Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last week was a bit busy for me. On Wednesday, the regular Japanese language and culture class got replaced by an event organized by the International Exchange Center, held at the same time, but set on the 7th floor of the Maruya Gardens department store. The event brought foreigners and locals together to discuss family rearing. It was videotaped, and uploaded to ustream. For the most part, it was in Japanese only.

On Thursday, I had the tourist brochure walking guide playtest, which I wrote about a couple of days ago.

Friday was the regular lunchtime English lesson at the Exchange Center, followed by my group English lesson.

Saturday, the Exchange Center organized another event for foreigners, this one to introduce us to the process of checking into a hospital and undergoing a checkup. Since I've been to Japanese clinics before for allergies, it was just a chance to get to talk to some of the foreigners that I normally don't get to see. The entire event was informative, though, and I'm glad I attended the full 2 hours. (It was at the Sagara Hospital on Perth Street.)

One of the other benefits of being at the hospital tour was that I had a chance to talk to one of the judges of the speech contest held last month. He confirmed what I'd already suspected, that there were a large number of good speakers that had entered, and that it was hard to narrow it down from 24 to 10. Again, I was told that I had one of the more interesting subjects, but now, I learned that I was speaking too fast for the audience to follow me easily. Given that I hadn't had a chance to practice in front of an audience leading up to the contest, I was lacking a sense of pacing during the prelim round. And I knew in advance that that was going to hurt my chances. At least now, I know for sure. Sigh.

The coming week will probably be less eventful. The Wednesday culture class is the last one of the series, and we'll be celebrating that with a potluck of sorts. The Exchange staff tells me that there aren't any more events scheduled for the next few months. No idea when the next Japanese language class will be then.

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