Wednesday, March 21, 2012

After the storm

One day, there was a heavy rain in the morning, which tapered off during the afternoon. I had to go to a conversation school to teach a lesson at 2 PM, and the western half of the sky had pretty much been blown clear by the strong winds, while the eastern half was still pretty dark. When I got to the school, I could see part of Sakura-jima, and the top of the mountain was lost in the clouds. The open plaza here in front of City Hall is just half a block from the school, so I walked over to take these pictures. I really wanted to go to the end of the plaza to get a better shot, but my lesson was going to start in 5 minutes and I didn't have the choice.

The lessons ended at 4 PM, and I immediately returned to the plaza to take more photos, and of course the sky had cleared further to the point of destroying the shot.

From Dolphin Port. The top of the mountain is still lost in the clouds.

I love watching the air current patterns as they impact the south slope.

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