Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Da Rulez

Rule 1) When two objects try to occupy the same space at the same time, the one with the most metal wins.
Rule 2) Pain hurts.
Rule 3) Do not try to disprove either Rule 1 or 2.
Rule 4) When in doubt, refer to Rule 2.

Last Sunday, I was running across the street in the crosswalk before the Don't Walk sign lit up, when a woman driving a car thought that she had the turn light. She gunned her car to make the turn through my crosswalk. The result was the creation of the above 4 rules. I came out of it pretty well, with scrapes on my right knee and hand, and my left palm and big toe. I definitely went into shock for a minute or two, but there were several people standing at the corner, and they helped me out of the street. The driver also got out and asked whether she should call an ambulance or the police. No idea who actually made the call, but the ambulance showed up and took me to a hospital half a mile away. And there, I got the full medical treatment, with x-rays, sonograms and all. The diagnosis was that there were no internal injuries, but I broke one of the small bones in my left foot. So now I'm wearing a boot cast for the next month. The woman was waiting for me in the lobby to apologize, but she still thinks that she's the one that had the right of way (when in doubt, refer to Rule 1 above. I guess she's right. On the other hand, the witnesses verified my account and the police seem to have sided with them. Hopefully, they'll convince the driver's insurance company to pay for my bills.)

(This had been a perfectly good new shoe until I slide across the road in it.)

The boot cast is cool. They brought out a long silvery sheet and hacked through it with a pruning shears. The doctor removed a length of plaster cloth and molded it to my foot and calf. It solidified in a couple of minutes. Then he wrapped it to my leg with gauze. Very fast and efficient. The plaster cloth is packaged inside a gauze towel, so it's pretty comfortable to wear.

Monday, my toes had gone as purple as a grape. Tuesday, back to normal. The swelling and bruising on the back of my right hand has also recovered pretty much overnight. Still some stiffness and sensitivity in my wrist and palm, but much better than the day before, meaning I can use the crutches better now. Even the scrape on my left palm is healing faster than I'd expect. All this is lending itself to a false hope that I can put weight on the left foot. Then I refer to rule #2 above and stop being stupid again.


Kjata1013 said...

Glad to hear you are OK!

TSOTE said...

Thanks. Could have been a lot worse. I'm lucky to have gotten just what little I had.

bartman905 said...

That looks like it hurts, but good to hear you are OK! Hope you get better soon.

TSOTE said...

Thanks, bartman. Shook me up pretty good. Most of the stuff doesn't hurt right now, as long as it doesn't get bumped, and seems to be healing well. The main concern are the muscles across my chest, which hurt when I lie down or get up in the morning.