Saturday, March 17, 2012

Edo Stamps

Ok, kind of a mini-small adventure. I had to go to the main post office near the Tenmonkan shopping complex, and they had a display set up in one corner showing all of the postage stamp designs that were still available for sale, including the new Dragonball Kai stamps. The post office at the Chuo train station didn't have the display, instead relying on a big notebook of the stamps. The Chuo office had a slightly different selection of stamp designs still in stock. So the thought occurred to me that maybe some of the other smaller post offices shown on google maps might still have some rarer anime-heroes stamps. So I set out to look for the office near Tecc.Land, where I get toilet paper, tissues and paper towels. The office is in a weird little location surrounded by houses off the main street, and no signs pointing to it. It's a small office, the size of a one-bedroom apartment, and there's no display of the stamps. I asked one clerk if they had the older stamps in stock, and he just pulled out a handful of sheets from a rolling filing cabinet, saying "here's what we've got". I stated that I only wanted the anime heroes line, but all they had was the Dragonball Kai sheet. The clerk was so intent on showing me all of the stamps that I broke down and got this tribute to Edo-era artwork. 800 yen for the sheet of 10 stamps.

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