Sunday, March 25, 2012

March edition of the "related articles in the media"

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from Feb. to March, regarding anime, manga and related stuff.

Generic New News

Daily Yomiuri

Shinkai engages intl anime fans

Remembering a manga pioneer (Junzo Ishiko)

Anime songs popular abroad

Indie anime opens doors for female creators

Samurai mangaka Ueki a legend at 90


'The Great Rabbit' wins Silver Bear at Berlin film festival

Original 'Tsuritama' anime series to premiere in April

Hello Kitty and Evangelion to team up

Kyoto hopes traditional houses will breed manga talent

Anime expo to feature over 30 live shows

Japan Media Arts Festival under way in Tokyo

JAM Project, Animetal USA unite for Japan tour

Kobe pins hopes on 9 cute girls

382 works throw hat in ring for Tokyo Anime Award

'Eureka Seven AO' to start in April

'Sing In My Own Way' to be honored at Tokyo Anime Awards

Exhibition to showcase work of 'AKIRA' creator

Gundam theme park to open in Odaiba in April

'Proto Anime Cut' exhibition visits Spain

Middle East Film and Comic Con to be held in April in Dubai

'Arrietty' becomes Ghibli's biggest hit in United States

'One Piece' thrives by staying loyal to manga principles

Madhouse producing 'Peanuts' animation

Evangelion store features Nagisa Kaworu, racing items

FTISLAND set to sing opening theme for Matsumoto's 'Ozuma'

Top manga talents contribute to collection themed on March 11

Anichara Style 2012 to hold live stage shows

Yokohama city to promote 'Precure' movie

Suginami Animation Museum presents Madhouse retrospective

'Library War' adaptation to hit theaters in early summer

izuki nabs 2nd straight Billboard Japan Music Award

Piece by piece, a full picture of ONE PIECE

Doraemon social networking game to debut in spring

Gundam Cafe scores red hot hit with spicy 'Char' curry

'Poppy Hill' picks up top prize at Tokyo Anime Awards

Anime series gets kids pumped on plastic modeling

Shibuya exhibition celebrates Gundam box art

May'n, KOTOKO to sing theme songs for 'Accel World'

World Beyblade championship to be streamed online

Kamishibai storytelling takes center stage at Tokyo museum


Dates for 3/26 to 4/1:

Birthdays (11):
Leonard Nimoy, 3/26/1931
John R. (coined word "transistor") Pierce, 3/27/1910
A. Bertram Chandler, 3/28/1912
Eric Idle, 3/29/1943
Jackie Vernon, 3/29/1924
Vincent van Gogh, 3/30/1853
Joseph Haydn, 3/31/1732
John ("The Crown Family Saga") Jakes, 3/31/1932
Gabe Kaplan, 3/31/1945
Lon Chaney Sr., 4/1/1883
Samuel R. Delany, 4/1/1942

Died (4):
Ludwig van Beethoven, 3/26/1827
M.C. Escher, 3/27/1972
Stanislaw Lem, 3/27/2006
Dudley Moore, 3/27/2002

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