Monday, March 26, 2012

Sanji Poster Board

UFO Catcher machines aren't that common in Kagoshima, and I've been wishing that I could find a video arcade here. When I first came to Japan in '92, video arcades were very common, and I liked hanging out in the one a few blocks from my apartment. In '95, I was on contract with Hitachi in Kudamatsu, and one of the arcades within walking distance had Vampire Hunter machines that I liked to play. I was in a nostalgic mood a few weeks ago when I crossed Tram Street and visited a section of Tenmonkan I normally don't go to. There, I found a 5-floor arcade, with UFO Catchers at ground level, and mahjong machines at the top.

Some of the UFO Catchers had One Piece figurines, and in the stairwell was a life-size Sanji poster board advertising them.

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