Thursday, March 1, 2012

Short Review: Dainana Joshikai Houkou

One of the good things about Manga Fox is that when new chapters are uploaded, there's a chance that something unexpected will catch my eye and turn out to be more or less interesting. The downside is that Manga Fox caries so much stuff, including manwha, that usually a title that piques my interest will turn out to be boring.

One of the more promising titles is Dainana Joshikai Houkou, by Tsubana (no info on this artist yet). The title translates to "The Wandering of Girl's Group Number 7", but that doesn't really mean much in terms of the story. Basically, this is an understated gag strip that follows two normal school girls in a weird futuristic city. Takagi is something of an airhead, and Kanemaru is her more rational friend.

At the moment, there are only 5 chapters posted, and the first three don't load for me. But, the remaining two are representative of the overall concept. In chapter 4, Takagi goes to a memory shop to use a recall machine to help her remember where she misplaced something that morning. Kanemaru tries the machine for the first time and ends up remembering something from back when she was really young. Takagi discovers where the item went, and then forgets who she was going to give it to. In chapter 5, one of the girl's classmates has died, and her soul is uploaded by her parents to a "digital heaven", Tagaki goes to the DH offices to make a visit to the digital heaven in order to get back a CD she'd given the other girl a few days earlier.

It's a very off-the-wall concept, and contains a bit of black humor that some people may find off-putting. The character designs are rather crude, but I think the situations are funny. The matter-of-fact way the girls have of accepting the weirdness around them is also entertaining. I'm just hoping that there'll be more chapters in the future. Baka Updates shows that there have been 4 volumes so far, although I haven't noticed them at Kinokuniya yet. Dainana runs in Comic Ryu, which I haven't reviewed to date.

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