Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Community Event

Around Feb. 12th, there was a community event held at the elementary school a couple of blocks from my apartment. We kind of happened on it by accident, being told by one of the organizers to come in and look at the activities as we walked by the grounds. Initially it looked like it was just handicrafts made by the students (which would have been very impressive, given the quality of the wood carvings), then we realized that everyone in the neighborhood had been involved in making the exhibits and putting on stage shows. One group of people standing out in the parking lot was from the Jigen-ryu sword fighting dojo. Unfortunately, they had just finished their demonstration inside the gym and I'd missed it. I really wanted to watch them perform live. Sigh.

(Stage show. This one was of 4- and 5-year olds singing a children's song.)

(There was one table with butterfly and moth collections. The moth at the top has a wingspan close to 6 inches.)

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