Monday, April 16, 2012

Design Festa

(Two boys posing with rabbit ear hats.)

When it rains, it pours... Not only did IBS have their graduating students speeches on the 26th, but there was a Design Festa in the room next door. Mostly it was small companies advertising their products. Very little of it appealed to me. The display of rabbit ear hats above, and the foamcore architecture below were the main two that stood out.

I should have taken pictures of the silk spinning booth, but the silk threads were too thin to be picked up by the camera. The woman running the booth had a bowl with about 20 cocoons sitting in water. She would take one cocoon and lightly rub it with a whisk brush to lift up a single strand of thread about the width of spider webbing. She put the cocoon in another bowl with 8 more cocoons and added the strand to those already running to the pickup spindle. Next, she turned the wooden crank of the spindle and it wrapped all the strands together into one perfect silk thread, while also unwrapping the worm in the cocoon. When one of the worms was completely denuded, she'd replace it with the next full cocoon. A very simple, elegant process for making silk thread. I'd like to see Gakken offer a silk making kit...

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