Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Endtown Books!

I've mentioned Endtown before - it's one of the best English webcomics running right now, and it's written by Aaron Neathery. Up until now, Endown has only been available online from GoComics and Modern Tales. However, Aaron has negotiated a deal with Jarlidium Press for the first two volumes. They've just started taking preorders, and are expected to start shipping the books at the beginning of June.

Jarlidium started out as a fanzine, and made the transition to small press publisher a few years ago, specializing in furry comics. As such, they just handle the mechanics of manipulating image files and hammering out contracts. The actual printing of the books is done by another company. The real question is how well Jarlidium can cope with heavy demand for a specific title. Their website doesn't give me much hope, given the layout. There's no link to the preorders page. The only way to even know that you can preorder something is to either subscribe to their twitter feed, or be told about it by someone else.

I'll say it here - Preorder Endtown now! The first edition books are going to be collectors items in a few years. Also, after May 1st, the books go to their full cover price of $12 each. If you preorder both volumes together, you'll save $6. And, if you're a GoComics regular reader, Aaron is offering handsigned book plates as well (details not yet announced).

Endtown is a great series! Help support it by buying the books!
And help me in my quest to crash the Jarlidium servers through sheer demand.

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