Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flea Market

The same weekend of the community event in the elementary school, the shrine at Terukuni Jinja hosted a flea market in the front grounds (in Japan, called a "mottenai fair" (what a waste, fair, as in "what a waste to just throw this away rather than selling it used")). Some handcrafted items, lots of used toys and clothing, and several food stalls.

(Fried chicken foodstall.)

(Pre-packed fish.)

(Bait. No, not really - a mountain of tiny fish used in salads and certain dishes.)

(Hand-made Daruma dolls. Paint in one eye when you start a project (like going to university) and the other when you finish.)

(In Japan, where it's illegal to own real guns, the toy pellet pistols look very authentic. In the U.S., these toys are the ones that are illegal...)

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