Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fukushima Reactor Report

I'm not sure if "full disclosure" is appropriate here, but it won't hurt.  When I was still in Tokyo, I was working as an online business English instructor for Business Breakthrough (BBT).  BBT was founded by Kenichi Ohmae, a former senior partner at McKinsey & Company, as well as a former nuclear reactor designer at Hitachi.  A few months after the Mar. 11, 2011, earthquake and reactor meltdown at Fukushima, Mr. Ohmae volunteered to put together an independent investigation of the events at Fukushima, separate from the "official" investigation controlled by the government.  The results were formally presented at a press conference last Fall in Japanese, and since then was undergoing translation into English.  Having been part of the BBT team, I was asked to help native check the translation.  The English versions of the files and videos are now available at the Lessons Learned page.

The report is pretty critical of the way Tepco and the government handled events up to and following the disaster.  And I think it goes into more detail than has been reported by the western press.  It certainly indicates that the Japanese press had suppressed some of the information in the months during the height of the meltdown crisis.


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