Friday, April 6, 2012

Nihongo Kyoshitsu

The Japanese language and culture classes I was attending ended in Feb. Actually, there were 3 "semesters". The first, for 10 weeks, ran during the Summer. I attended the 10 that were held in the Fall, and the 5 Winter lessons. On the last day in Feb., we held a potluck brunch, with LOTS of really good food. The manager of the International Relations offices gave a speech describing the events that they held in the last year (including the speech contest in Jan.), and hinted at some of the upcoming scheduled events. Then about 5 of us received certificates of attendance, (mine is shown above) for being in at least 2 of the semesters, in a small ceremony.

The office staff also collected the photos they'd taken during all three semesters and put them into full-color handouts. Unfortunately, the photos were low-res, and don't scan well so I won't bother putting copies here. Overall, it's still pretty cool. The International Relations office is taking a break now, and there's been no announcements for new classes yet. Although, I heard from one source that something may be offered in May.

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