Saturday, April 7, 2012

Phila Stamps

The Japan Philatelic Association hosted a world exhibition last year during the summer in Yokohama. As part of the celebrations, the post office offered 3 new sets of stamps specifically for the event. One of the smaller post offices in the Tenmonkan shopping complex still has a few sheets of the anime character stamps left. Although they don't really appeal to me like the Anime Heroes series does, I decided to pick up a sheet anyway (800 yen = $10 USD).


Michael Martin said...

Hi, nice blog. I saw issues of Boys' Club in the Tokyo Edo museum years ago, but only just decided to look at the furigana of the title and google it XD. Nice to see a manga blog that doesn't act as if manga started in 1947, writing off everything that went before as "too nationalistic". I like old British comics myself, and plenty of British comic "fans" try to act like they started in 1977, and that nothing older is worth consideration.

TSOTE said...

Thanks for visiting. The problem with talking about older manga (pre-47) is that even most Japanese readers don't know about it. The only way to learn about things like Norakuro is to find out where the museums dedicated to the artists are, or to watch for the exhibits at the Kawasaki and Yumeji-Yayoi museums. Most of the really old magazines are impossible to find or have crumbled to dust, so you have to look for textbooks, or rare, limited edition reprinted collections.