Thursday, April 19, 2012

Short Review: Sayonara, Zetsubo-Sensei, vol. 24

I'm finally able to stand over the scanner again.

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Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei, vol 24. By Kouji Kumeta.
Ok, we're back. As I mentioned in the review for volume 22, there's not a whole lot more to add regarding the series itself. It's basically a bunch of short stories that start out with a normal premise (some lesson in a classroom, or a couple of the characters eating shaved ice) and then turn into a parody of modern-day culture or lampooning politicians and TV talent.

The inside covers (the front and and back underneath the wrapper cover) also have joke artwork on them. The front inside cover usually has a pun based on the phrase "akenai de yo" (don't open (this book)). This time, the character is saying "wakenai de yo" (don't part (my hair).)

(Inside back cover.)

(One of the omake pages.)

(Example of some of the best art in this book.)

(The papercraft page, for part of the Zetsubo funeral setup.)

If you can read Japanese, Zetsubo is a great way to learn about Japanese pop culture and it's pretty funny. Otherwise, stick to the fan scans on Manga Fox (until they get licensed in the U.S. and blocked).

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