Monday, May 7, 2012

Aomori Sticker

During the Kagoshima in Kagoshima travel event at the main train station, one of the advertising booths was for Aomori, in northern Japan, and included a sticker of their mascot characters.  I've only now gotten around to scanning it.

The shell creature to the left is Hotaten. Then Haneton, Nebutan and Aputan.  Hotate is a scallop. Nebuta Matsuri is a big float festival held in August.  And, according to the official English website, Aomori is one of Japan's biggest producers of apples.  I'm having trouble tracking the reference for "Hane", but "ton" is often used in reference to pigs or pork.  On the other hand, that may be a cow, and Aomori is big on raising cattle in the hills.

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