Sunday, May 20, 2012

April-May edition of the "related articles in the media"

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from April to May, regarding anime, manga and related stuff.

Japan Times

Yearly anime fairs a must for die-hard fans

'Momo e no Tegami (A Letter to Momo)'

Gundam center opens on Tokyo waterfront

Movie Review: 'Thermae Romae'

Otomo's genga will make you remember

Daily Yomiuri

Nakano Broadway: Next generation otaku mecca

New voice in the world of 'anison'

Anime: A bridge to the Middle East?

Otaku shopping complexes may save local cities

Elements of Japanese culture, lifestyle spread by anime

Manga makes a splash among French comic fans

'Akira' creator committed to manga after March 11


Charity anime 'blossom' premieres at TAF

Trailer for new 'Rurouni Kenshin' film targets global audience

AKB48 subgroup to sing theme song for 'Crayon Shin-chan' film

English website for delayed 'Mass Effect' anime launched

Nagai wins Art Encouragement Prize

Cast of 'Muv-Luv' anime revealed

'Lupin III Master File' Blu-ray, DVD hit stores in March

'Ultraman' goes back to its origin

Latest 'Evangelion' film gets Facebook page

Sunday mornings are for story-telling on TV Tokyo

Warner Bros. to recognize best short films

Schoolgirl sailor-style uniforms on decline

Bandai will introduce plastic model of 'Xabungle' robot

Toyota collaborates on anime series

Gold Coast Film Festival to feature 'Bleach Special Event'

Urasawa invited as guest of honor at Japan Expo in Paris

Playing cards featuring scenes from 'Spirited Away' available online

Akihabara's maid cafes tickle fancy of foreign visitors

Chinese talent recognized at Tokyo awards event

Top animators team up to create new opening for 'Japacon TV'

Gundam robot goes into action in Tokyo's Odaiba

'A Letter to Momo' wins big at NY Int'l Childrens' filmfest

Kodansha to publish manga monthly in China

14 Japanese films to be showcased at Annecy festival

'Pretty Rhythm' fashion show sets Guinness World Record

JAL to offer e-comic service on international flights

'Ninja Scroll' to be released on Blu-ray in May

Tottori to host manga summit in November

Maid cafe waitresses show off their scientific know-how

U.S. film company acquires rights to 'Lone Wolf and Cub'

Hello Kitty debuts as radio DJ

Starship Troopers: Invasion' to hit theaters in July

'Moyashimon Returns' to air on Fuji TV in July

South Korean Indie-AniFest now touring Japan

Six Japanese works nominated at Animafest Zagreb

Urasawa's '20th Century Boys' nominated at 2012 Eisner Awards

Sword exhibition brings 'Evangelion' to life

Taiwanese manga artist Ya Shen wins big at 5th Morning International Comic Competition

Bandai opens 'Gundam'-inspired fashion stores

Evangelion finds unusual partner in Rody franchise

'Historie' wins manga grand prize

'Fairy Tail' takes top award at Paris grand prix

Katsuhiro Otomo to appear at Comic-Con in July

Kyoto to host manga and anime fair in September

1st volume of Ninomiya's '87Clockers' published in four languages

School group plans to open 4-year 'Manga Tech'

X Japan wins big at metal's Golden Gods Awards

France's Prix Mangawa Japanese manga awards honor 'Beelzebub,' 'Shion no Ou'

‘Space Battleship Yamato’ remake hits theaters

Araki JoJo Exhibition scheduled for Sendai, Tokyo

Cute anime girls come to the rescue of rural districts

Dragon Quest to release multiplayer online game

Momoiro Clover Z, Makoto Shinkai, many others announced as guests at Japan Expo

4th J-Pop Summit Festival scheduled for August in San Francisco

Tottori to celebrate its manga heritage in Akihabara

Japan Media Arts Festival to visit Hong Kong in January

Bandai opens Hong Kong online store

Crunchyroll streams anime in Latin America

Fuji TV to stream content on YouTube

Hello Kitty souvenir shop opens in Odaiba


Dates for 5/21 to 5/28:

Birthdays (15):
Raymond Burr, 5/21/1917
Al Franken, 5/21/1951
Arthur Conan Doyle, 5/22/1859
Georges (Herge) Remi, 5/22/1907
James Blish, 5/23/1921
Tommy Chong, 5/24/1938
Frank Oz, 5/25/1944
Raymond Smullyan, 5/25/1919
James Arness, 5/26/1923
Kazuhiko (Monkey Punch) Katou, 5/26/1937
Jack Kevorkian, 5/26/1928
Harlan Ellison, 5/27/1934
Christopher Lee, 5/27/1922
Vincent Price, 5/27/1911
Wendy O. Williams, 5/28/1949

Died (8):
Robert Asprin, 5/22/2008
Martin Gardner, 5/22/2010
George Jessel, 5/23/1981
Moms Mabley, 5/23/1975
Dick (Rowan and Martin) Martin, 5/24/2008
Charles Nelson Reilly, 5/25/2007
Niccolo Paganini, 5/27/1840
Phil Hartman, 5/28/1998

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