Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kagoshima in Kagoshima

During the weekend of March 17, the Kagoshima-chuo station plaza hosted another travel agency-sponsored event.  This one called "Kagoshima in Kagoshima", and featuring destinations within the prefectural limits.

Pose like a shinkansen attendant.  A rack of uniforms is just off to the right.

Vendor and daughter with Saigo Takamori masks.

The badge reads "Kaa".  I'm thinking it's a cross between a bear and a chicken, but I don't know whose mascot he's supposed to be.  Maybe it's for Kagoshima.

Shochu sampling.

Kagoshima travel ads, the Saigo masks, and tourist maps.  One of the guys at the table around to the left made a big deal of giving me fliers, stickers and maps.  I was amused to notice that one of the maps I got was the one I play-tested for walking around Tenmonkan.

The Hirakawa Zoo had a display set up with lots of souvenir stuff (the large stuffed Siberian tiger doll is visible in the second photo up) which can be seen in the background here.  The aquarium near Dolphin Port brought in the portable fish tank.

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