Monday, May 14, 2012


I've taken a certain amount of pride in writing up a blog entry a day since coming to Japan almost 4 years ago.  And there have been almost 1400 entries since then.  However, since coming to Kagoshima, I've been kind of hitting a road block.  Most of the anime and manga-related events (and stuff worth taking photos of) are in either Osaka or Tokyo.  I've gotten to all (or very close to it) of the interesting places in Kagoshima I know of that are reachable by foot, and until I get more work, I don't want to drop money on paying for bus or train fare.  Ideally, I want a new bike, but until my foot heals, I can't travel anywhere, anyway.  There is one person I know who occasionally reads manga and passes them on to me to look at, so I'll review those occasionally, plus what little else makes its way to Manga Fox.  Sometimes, she picks up manga magazines for me, and I'll comment on those as well.

But, the point is that I'm running out of stuff to write about on a daily basis and I've completely used up my backlog of photos and comments I'd written up before the accident. So I'm going to go on an irregular schedule, depending on what opportunities come up.  Suffice it to say that I'm still here and still looking for things to document, I just won't be as prolific until I can start walking around on my own again.


Shiroibara said...

Are you unlikely to return to Tokyo?

TSOTE said...

Hi Shirobara!

At this point, it doesn't look like I'll go back for a while. Radioactive cesium counts are going up, and the Fukushima reactors still aren't under full control. Another strong tsunami in that area would undo all of the repair work that's gone on so far. It's mostly a safety issue.