Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ugh, photos

Ok, this is not one the most attractive photo montages I've ever done, and you may not want to look at it.  If not, I don't blame you. If you want to know what you're missing without actually looking at it, I documented the damage to my foot and knee following getting hit by a car a little over 5 weeks ago.

The complete inventory of damage included: two deep scrapes on the side of my right little finger; bruising and a sprain to the outside of the right hand and the wrist; two deep scrapes on my right knee; bruising to the muscles across my chest; a light scrape across my left palm; bruising to the bones and muscle of the inside of the left hand; two light scrapes to the side of the left big toe and side of the foot; and the broken middle long bone of the left foot.  The second toe of the left foot hasn't wanted to bend until recently, and given the location of the impact point on the left foot compared to the break in the bone, I'm thinking I got hit in a kind of angle that included some damage to the 2nd toe, although it's hard to see anything in the x-rays to verify this.

Current status: .Right hand, right wrist, left palm and my chest muscles have all pretty much recovered back to normal.  There's some pain in the left thumb that may be exacerbated by having to use crutches, so I'm not sure when that's going to fully improve.  Right knee still has a bit of scabbing, which is taking longer than I'd thought to disappear, but is almost gone.  Still looks pretty discolored, though.  The scrapes on the side of the left foot and toe are healed, but still discolored.  The left foot is still bruised, and of course, the bone hasn't even started to stitch back together.

The main thing is the broken bone.  The last x-rays were on Apr. 24, and the doctor said there was no point in coming back in right away. So, the next set will be on May 14.  The swelling of the left foot was so bad that after 2 weeks, the front portion of the cast was removed to give me just a brace again.  Not much change with that, and I have to spend a few hours in bed a day with my foot elevated to keep the swelling down.


The photos:

It was kind of difficult to take shots of the right finger, so I just concentrated on the right knee, and left foot when the brace was removed for various reasons.  For the knee, I took photos every Wednesday. For the foot, it was more erratic.  In both cases, it's a 5.5 week time span.

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