Monday, June 18, 2012

The Hogan's Curse

With the passing of Richard Dawson this month, the Hogan's Heroes Curse has claimed one of the last three remaining members of the cast.  Because of this curse, all but 2 of the major characters on the show have died to date.

Bob Crane - Col. Robert E. Hogan, murdered in 1978
Werner Klemperer - Col. Wilhelm Klink, cancer in 2000
John Banner - Sgt. Hans Schultz, abdominal hemorrhage, 1973
Robert Clary - Corporal Louis LeBeau, ---
Rchard Dawson - Corporal Peter Newkirk, cancer, 2012
Ivan Dixon - Sgt. Ivan Kinchloe, kidney failure, 2008
Larry Hovis - Sgt. Andrew Carter, cancer, 2003
Kenneth Washington - Sgt. Richard Baker, ---
Sigrid Valdis - Fraulein Hilda, cancer, 2007
Leon Askin, General Albert Hans Burkhalter, natural causes, 2005
Howard Caine, Major Wolfgang Hochstetter, heart attack, 1993