Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kagoshima Jazz Station

On June 24th, Kagoshima had a small Jazz festival at the plaza in front of the Chou train station.  It ran all day, but there were heavy showers off and on, so the audience stayed fairly small.  When I dropped by, there was a hip-hop jazz fusion group playing.  The group itself consisted of the two singers and the keyboard player.  The other four were a back-up band that kept playing when the singers' set ended.  The song wasn't bad, but I didn't feel like recording it with the camera.  The idea of jazz hip-hop could be promising, but I always feel that Japanese rappers kind of miss the point.  They rap as just another music style, with lyrics that simply don't work right for it.  When I hear Japanese hip-hop, I always change the channel.

Actually, I've seen ads for Jazz in Kagoshima for the last few months.  The performances were spread out a few weeks apart.  The first performance was a couple months ago, and had the really big names lined up, but it was maybe $40 for tickets.  I didn't see anyone listed in the second set that I was interested in, and the final performance was the free show on the 24th.

(At least they were enjoying themselves.)

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