Friday, June 29, 2012


Back in the 80's, I studied animation and animation history, in the hopes of getting a foothold making my own films.  I was on a big Tex Avery kick, as well as collecting all the International Animation Festival tapes as they came out.  At one point, these two collided, resulting in the production of a Tex Avery Tribute festival.  There wasn't anywhere near the expected participation for the fest, with something like only 4 films being submitted.  The best, and the only one I remember, was Lazar, by Gavrilo Gnatovich.  Absolutely brilliant work by an independent animator.  Fast forward to today, and I decide to yet again try to track down Lazar and Gavrilo on the net.  The difference being, that today, I succeed.


Pre-Hysterical Daze

I remember LH and DD, too.  Must have seen them on Nick in '00.

Longhair and Doubledome - Good Wheel Hunting

Longhair and Doubledome - Where There's Smoke, There's Bob

Way. Too. Cool.

I hope he does more.  If you want to see more, visit Horrendous Fiasco.

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