Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lupin-Roots Season 2 Figures

The second season version of the Lupin III characters came out with Roots coffee at the same time as the first season, but with a different flavor of the coffee.  So, when I finally got around to collecting them, most of the Cocos conbinis had stopped carrying them, and the kiosk at the International Exchange Center had also sold out.  I would have liked to get the Zenigata because it's the most elaborate of the set (see the above photo), and Goemon simply because I like the character).  So, I have to settle for the four below.  Note that Lupin is not kissing his own shoe.  The design is for him to be kissing the coffee. One thing I like about this set is that it's built around the can of coffee itself, which is kind of rare (although some cars have magnets for circling around the can, and the one SL train used the can as the body of the train).

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