Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pepsi Uchuu Kyodai

While Coke occasionally has freebies that are packaged with single bottles of products at the conbini, Pepsi has an almost on-going series of campaigns.  This one is a tie-in with the recent live-action movie for Uchuu Kyodai (Space Brothers).  There's nothing on the Pepsi page advertising the film or the cell phone straps right now, so it's back to word-of-mouth and expected walk-in traffic at selected conbini chains.  Typical Pepsi.

There are a total of 12 figures, which consist of 1-each for Serika, Kenji and Mom and Dad.  There's two versions of the dog, and 3 each of the two brothers.  I find all of them to very fairly ugly.  This one for Serika stands about 1" tall.  Packaged with 500 ml bottles of Pepsi NEX, 147 yen at FamilyMart.

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