Friday, June 15, 2012

Small Adventures #28

I decided to take a taxi to the International Center to visit the Friday Lunchtime English lesson group. It had been close to 3 months since I was last there, and I wanted to check back in with everyone.  My expectation was that at the end of the meeting, I'd be asked to join someone for lunch and I could then bum a ride back home afterward.  However, the group was pretty small this time and things didn't turn out the way I'd thought.  So, when it was all over, I hobbled back out on my crutches to the front of the building to stand at the bus stop and try to flag down a taxi.  A few minutes go by and I spot a cab approaching me.  I wave and it pulls over to let me in.  I load the crutches and my backpack into the back seat and tell the driver to go to the Hiranocho Royal Host (Royal Host is a family restaurant like Embers, located 2 blocks from my apartment).  I always get the Japanese pronunciation of "Royal" messed up and it usually takes several tries for the driver to understand what I mean.  This time, the driver acted a bit impatient and turned to face me to find out what I was saying.  Suddenly, his jaw drops and his eyes go wide.  "Nihonjin to omotta" - "I thought you were a Japanese!"  He added that with the crutches and a bag I was carrying, he thought I was someone suffering from high blood pressure.  He got really friendly after that and talked excitedly during the drive, spending half his time apologizing for the embarrassing error.

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