Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thoughts 02, Silly Little Things

I've been lucky.  I haven't had any real serious injuries in the past.  At least, not since I was 12.  So, I hadn't realized just how much I'd taken for granted up until now.

It's a 4 block walk (6 short Japanese town-length blocks) to the nearest grocery store.  Without a car, it's kind of a pain to walk there, but primarily in terms of the time spent.  Given the option, I'd much rather have a bike and turn it into a quick ride each way, but it's not a really big deal otherwise.

Until now.  The doctor wants me to put more weight on the foot to stimulate bone growth, so I'm using a walking cane and treating the occasional trip out for milk as an excuse to get some (volcano-ash-filled) air.  But I've discovered something that was never an issue before.  The sidewalk for most of the distance is at a 2-3 degree slope from the building side down to the street side.  I'm assuming it's for channeling water during the tsumani out to the gutter, but for the life of me, I can't imagine that the city planners consulted with the elderly or the injured before implementing this plan.  It definitely makes walking more unsteady for me, and causes the brace to chafe against my ankle on the return trip to the apartment.

What had been a short 10-15 minute walk out and back for shopping now takes something like 30 minutes one way, and I'm aware of that sidewalk slope like I've never been before.  It's true that ignorance is bliss.


delaiglesia said...

Was there another volcano eruption in Japan?

TSOTE said...

Depends on where in Japan you're asking about. Kagoshima erupts with ash and dust 4 times a day, in Kyushu. Not sure of any other eruptions right now. As for earthquakes, there's small quakes all the time, with some moderate ones occurring not far from Fukushima every few days. Nothing really big, though. Kagoshima had a moderate quake two nights ago just as I was going to bed.