Monday, July 16, 2012

Anniversary 4

Well, finally hit the 4th anniversary mark.  Not one of my better years.  Things started out good, with some sightseeing, reviewing manga and manga magazines, and picking up a small amount of work on the English teaching side.  Then things slowly started going downhill with failing the JLPT, being rejected for the AEA assistant English teaching job, and then 4 months recovering from getting hit by a car (as heavily documented in recent weeks).  Naturally, all the local events that I received invitations to attend started rolling out when I couldn't walk on my own.  Which also led to my having to give up on posting one blog entry a day, again.

 1460 posts
 Almost 10,000 photos on Mediafire

It wasn't a complete loss, though.  I won a drawing from Doc Rat artist Jenner, and got a nice signed book from Endtown artist Aaron Neathery for Christmas.  Plus the CARE packages from home with the Tintin and Cerebus books.  In the last couple of weeks, I bought myself a Canon Powershot camera, and a Kaossillator Pro for playing music on.

I guess there's a reason why the Japanese dislike the number "4", which is read as "shi" (and can be translated as "death").

Oh well, on to year 5.


Mike said...


Congratulations for this four years. It was recently when i started to visit this blog, and it was great read so interesting information, and learn more things about the manga industry to expand my knowledge. Thanks for the effort and by the sustancial information.

Sorry for my english, and greeting from Mexico.

TSOTE said...

Hi Mike. Thanks for dropping by and for the nice comment. Hope there's something here that you like reading about.

Shiroibara said...

Congratulations on making it through number 4.

I remember the conversation in my Japanese class (oh so long ago) about the connection with the number 4, and death/bad luck. It came back to me this past spring when I was preparing tax returns and I came across the interesting fact that retirement plans use the number 7 (usually considered lucky) to indicate normal distributions and the number 4 to indicate distributions due to death.

At least you escaped the death part with the car accident. Heal well and quickly and I look forward to reading more of your adventures :)

TSOTE said...

Hi Shirobara. Thanks for dropping by again. And yeah, the death part wasn't something I was really looking forward to. (Actually, I am really lucky, if I hadn't reacted the way I had, it could have turned out worse.) I'll try to keep on writing just for you. ;-)