Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dragonball Cider, 2

Dydo is not one of the more popular beverage makers, and it's not common to see their vending machines on the streets here.  So, I was surprised the first time I saw the Dragonball Cider cans in the Dydo machine on Tram Street, just south of the Tenmonkan shopping area.  The first can I got was of Gohan.  A day or two later, as I was walking back home along the Kotsuki river from Amupla, the word "Dydo" caught my eye.  The machine was in a parking lot next to an office building.  Since the Dydo drinks are about 8% cheaper than other brands (in this case, 110 yen instead of 120 yen) I figured that I might as well try getting another can of cider to see which would it would be.  And, of corse, it was Gohan again.  A couple of days after that, I was walking back to Amupla, and this time I got the Freezer, shown above.

2 days later, I'm standing in the street in front of the school I occasionally teach at, and I've arrived a few minutes early.  Figuring that I might as well kill some time, I go the 20 feet to the parking lot where there's a vending machine that sells cheap coffee.  Suddenly, it clicks that this is also a Dydo machine, and it has both the Kamen Rider and Dragonball drinks.  So, I change my mind and get the Dragonball cider instead of a cheap can coffee.

It's another Gohan...

So, out of three machines, I get the exact same can on the first try three times.  (I tried again from machine #3, and got Piccolo.)

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