Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dragonball Cider

It's not something that I would ever have predicted, but in hindsight it makes sense.  The Dydo drink company, the people that brought you the Kamen Rider creature drink cans have decided to give the same treatment to Dragonball (pictured here is Ultraman).  The front of the can is the chest of a specific character (in this case, young Gohan).  On the back is a description of the character and examples of all 9 designs.  Not pictured here is the ingredient panel, where Dydo claims there are the "7 Dragonballs of nutrition" (i.e., Vitamins B1 and B2, etc.)  This particular flavor is identified as "Kamahameha Orange Cider", but it's essentially just a plain orange soda.  110 yen in Dydo-brand vending machines Japan-wide.

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