Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Masumitsu Yukiyasu

And here I'd started thinking I'd found all the historical markers within walking distance...
There's a direct route from my apartment to the San-El building that I nomally don't take.  Just go out from the apartment, turn left, go half a block to the first major street, turn left, and walk about a kilometer.  Cross the Kotsuki river, and when you get to the Lawson's on the corner, turn left again and San-El will be one block farther down, on the left.  However, I usually go up to the Chuo train station and then take the diagonal road southeast until reaching the Lawson's.  This let's me see if there are any events taking place in the Amu plaza.  One morning, though, I decided to take the straight route, and there was this previously unknown marker between the sidewalk and a parking lot.

"Masumitsu Yukiyasu (1846-1878)

Masumitsu Yukiyasu, the brother of Masumitsu Kyunosuke, arranged the meetings between Saigo Takamori and Katsu Kaishu during the planning of the all-out attack on Edo Castle.
After playing an active part in the Boshin Civil War at the age of 22, Yukiyasu was promoted to major, and later to lieutenant colonel. In 1873, he was ordered by the Government to study military affairs in Germany but shortly before graduation, he died from disease at the age of 33. Because he was such a gifted military strategist, Yukiyasu was bereaved by many people."

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