Sunday, July 1, 2012

May-June edition of the "related articles in the media"

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from May-June, regarding anime, manga and related stuff.

Japan Times

Vandalized Namihei statue's trademark single strand of hair replaced

'Doraemon' bully Gian to get a party

Japanese business isn't working: What would Shima do?

'Gundam' characters grace guest rooms at Grand Pacific Le Daiba

Daily Yomiuri

Digital manga opens global doors for aspiring artists

Otaku shedding its nerd image among overseas fans

NIIGATA: A city of water and manga


Japanese anime festival to be held in Malaysia

13 Japanese anime to compete in South Korean film fest

Asura shortlisted for Annecy prize

Hyper Japan Christmas event to be held in London

'A Letter to Momo' wins big at Czech AniFest

New 'Evangelion' manga book to be released in November

Domino's Pizza promotion celebrates 3-D 'Star Wars'

'Evangelion'-themed car navigation device goes on sale

'Vinland Saga' triumphs at 36th Kodansha Manga Awards

Russian animation exhibition to tour Japan this summer

'Transformers: Prime' up for 5 awards at Daytime Emmy

May'n to perform in Los Angeles

Ultraman stars at new Lawson store in Shanghai

Shorts film fest comes to Tokyo, Yokohama in June

'One Piece Film Z' to hit cinemas Dec. 15

'Rurouni Kenshin' reboot series debuted in Jump Square magazine

'One Piece' manga takes grand prize in Japan Cartoonist Awards

Tokyo Dome City to host 'Evangelion' escape game

Foreign Comics Festival to be held in Tokyo

Yokohama plans month-long 'From Up On Poppy Hills' promotion

Evangelion Store in Tokyo featuring Shinji Ikari in June

Japan a big winner at Animafest Zagreb

Entries for Japan Media Arts Festival begin July 12

Aum fugitive's weakness for manga may have led to capture

De Agostini to release 'Galaxy Express 999' DVD collection magazine

'Pokemon: Best Wishes' 2nd series hits TVs this month

Tokyo Game Show 2012 unveils new logo

Cat anime invites children to think about power plant risks

ANA joined forces with 'Evangelion' for a promotional campaign

Mamoru Hosoda's 'Wolf Children, Ame and Yuki' anime film gets nationwide distribution in France

Kyoto manga fair asks fans to name mascot

L.A. pop culture expo reveals star-studded guest list

Odaiba to host science manga exhibition

Official 'JoJo' site launched

Manga-anime figure expo draws big crowd to Akihabara

Museum of Contemporary Art to hold 'Tokusatsu' exhibition with Ghibli

Legendary filmmaker Corman to head jury at Tokyo film fest

Kamen Rider 1 gets behind clean energy

'Cyborg 009' and other classic manga get reboot

Toyota-collaborated anime 'PES' to hit Anime Expo

'Harbor Tale' wins big at Czech film fest

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