Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rock painting

Back in March, when I got hit, I'd been on my way to the San El building for a Japanese community event.  A few of the people in the area like staging events that bring foreigners and Japanese together for community events, with things like Chinese cooking classes and the kiri-e class I'd been at.  Naturally, with a broken foot, I failed to show up at that event, and I had to pass on quite a few other invitations since then.  So, with the need to start getting some exercise and to try building the foot back up, I decided to make the trip to San El again.  This time, I got through the intersection without getting hit, although what was normally a 15-minute walk turned into a 45-minute hobble.

The event this time was geared mainly at kids and was run by several art teachers and their student assistants - painting rock fish.  A few people got very elaborate, and a couple were fast enough to make 4 fish in the 90 minutes we were allotted.  I focused on just making my one as close to the picture as I could get.  During this time, one of the teachers gave away little origami helmets, and everyone had their chance to pick some seashells out of a box.

There were 5 people that I knew - three of them from the Japanese Language classes that had been on Wednesdays last year, the organizer, and a German-Japanese guy that had been at the kiri-e event.  Overall, it was fun, although I had to hobble back home in the rain because it's right in the middle of rainy season.

(My origami helmet, seashell, and rockfish.)

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