Thursday, July 12, 2012

Short Review: Binbougama ga

I'd mentioned Binbougami ga in my review of SQ Jump.  Recently, I discovered that Manga Fox has the first few chapters scanilated so I decided to look at the story a little more closely.

(Image from Manga Fox.)

Binbougami ga, by Yoshiaki Sukeno, Grade B+.
Sakura Ichiko has it all - beauty, brains, riches and physical skills.  She can have her pick of any boy in school, and all the girls hate her. Which is at the heart of the problem.  Unknowingly, she has a disproportionate amount of "good energy" (good luck), and is slowly stealing it from everyone else around her.  This is throwing off the balance of Earth, and the Poverty Gods (Binbou-gami) have been alerted to take Sakura's good energy to redistribute it to everyone else.  One specific Binbogami (Binbo-ga) takes on the task.  She's tall, thin and otherwise good-looking, but she has small breasts and bad luck when face to face with Sakura.  Additionally, having grown up spoiled, Sakura has no friends and no interest in helping out anyone else.  So, the story devolves into a sitcom with Binbou-ga using various tricks and silly devices to try to best Sakura, while Ichiko finds herself in situations where she has to unwillingly use her good luck help out people that treat her nicely.  As time passes, more and more gods and mythological characters get involved in the act.

So far, this is just a puff piece with a certain amount of reader service, and twisted characters (one, a dog god, is a serious masochist and enjoys being tortured, while another is a pervert priest).  The artwork is good, and the character designs are very polished.  It's just that the gags are either toilet humor, or etchi.  Either way, this is a funny manga that has the occasional pathos.  It's worth monitoring to see how things turn out after a few more volumes.

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