Saturday, July 28, 2012

Waffle Sando

Maruya Gardens is a department store along Tram Street, at the east end of Tenmonkan.  It has the Junkudo bookstore on the 5th and 6th floors.  There's a little indie movie theater on the 7th floor, squeezed in between some restaurants.  One of those shops specializes in waffles, and they advertise a waffle sando set, including ice coffee, for 700 yen ($8.40 USD).  Wondering if this was anything like the crepe sandwiches in Harajuku, I ordered the ham and avocado.  It was thinly-sliced prosciuto between two halves of freshly made waffle.  It tasted good, but with the avocado and dressing, the waffle had gotten kind of mushy.  Nice idea, and it looks good, but not a great success.  The pickled carrot and cucumber were very spicy, though, and that made up for the sando.

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