Sunday, August 5, 2012

Commentary: Weekly Manga Sunday

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Weekly Manga Sunday, 350 yen, 330 pages.
Ok, here's one of the more graphic sex magazines outside of the straight porno section.  Manga Sunday, AKA Mansun, has pretty good artwork and character designs, but the stories are nothing more than window dressing for the sex romps.  Genres include police dramas, daily life, yakuza and hospital drama.  The wiki entry states that Mansun started in 1959, but gives almost no other information, such as past titles.

(The Quiet Don.)

There's nothing in Mansun that western fans would recognize.  I have seen one specific character showing up on the cover before, for the manga The Quiet Don (静かなるドン), by Tatsuo Nitta.  It's remarkable in that it started in 1989 and is now up to chapter 1164.  The story isn't heavily described in English, so I'll just mention here that it revolves around Shizuya Kondo, who starts out as a designer for an underwear company.  His father is a yakuza boss, and when the old man is shot, Shizuya takes up a double-life - as a salaryman during the day, and a mafia don at night.

(Woman has sex with a businssman, then witnesses his assassination and gets chased by the killer.)

Summary: A sex magazine that tries to pretend to contain stories.  All of the sex scenes are heavily edited, so it's kind of ignorable all around.

(Weird guy orders a weird drink in a bar.)

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