Saturday, August 11, 2012

Verbal x Zima

There are times, I guess, when I would like to know more about the background of a product before I encounter it.  A case in point, a few nights ago I went to the convenience store to get something to drink.  I was looking through the coolers specifically for something that had a toy packaged with it.  When I got to the Zima bottles (240 yen), I saw that one had a button that looked like a color newsprint reprint of an old Plastic-man comic, and the other had a big blue plastic "alien finger".  There wasn't anything else worth buying so I decided on the blue finger.  Once outside, I removed the plastic strip isolating the battery, and tried to figure out how to turn it on. It's a rip-off of E.T.'s finger from the "E.T." movie, and it glows twice briefly if you move it quickly.  Kind of cute, but not something with a lot of replay value, unless maybe if you take it to a nightclub.  (The circuit is completely sealed, and you'd have to destroy the finger to replace the battery.)

So, when I started writing this article, I discovered that the packaging doesn't have a URL.  There is "Verbal x Zima" printed on the front, which brought me to the Zima website.  From there, I got "M-Flo Verbal", which took me to the wiki page for Verbal.  Turns out that M-Flo is a 2-man Japanese hip-hop group and that Verbal is the Korean Emcee.

And this brings me back to my original point.  If I'd known that I was going to be buying a product that you can't replace the battery on, designed by the Korean emcee of a Japanese hip-hop group for a failed drink that was discontinued in the U.S., I would have settled for getting a One-Cup Ozeki instead.


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