Friday, August 3, 2012

Yahoo Japan Ads

One of the things about speaking a second language (as many people here may already know) is that you end up using more than one version of Yahoo.  I don't really bother with google much, but I switch between English and Japanese yahoo pages fairly often. The two versions have completely different layouts, with more emphasis on entertainment and advertising in the Japanese version.  There's one box in the upper right corner of the main page that displays random ads.  It's kind of annoying, in that there may occasionally be an ad that I want to click, but if I check out my email first then backpage, the ad will be gone.  Refreshing the main page 100 times will bring up the same 6 ads about 90% of the time, with another 10-12 ads sprinkled in between them.  The bulk of the ads right now are for Yahoo games, KDDI cell phones and the Apple iPhone. The ones that are anime-related, or look anime-related are:

Ultraman Pachinko Machines

The IXA Game from the Yahoo Games page

KDDI Phones, using the characters from Star of the Giants

Captain Tsubasa Yahoo soccer game.

Galaxy Express 999 DVD set from DeAgostini.

It's this last one that prompted this article.  Seems strange that DeAgostini would pay for the Yahoo ad, and then have virtually 0 visibility in the rotation.  Then again, I'm not going to fork out money for anything advertised on Yahoo, so I'm not a "valued visitor".

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