Friday, September 28, 2012

A few minor announcements

A couple minor announcements this time.
First, I finally cleared 300,000 hits last night (11:50 PM my time).  So, that's cool.

Second, Gakken released their latest Adult Science kit on Tuesday, and copies made their way down to Kyushu on Thursday, where I bought it. This one is a modernized version of Edison's wax cylinder voice recorder (which itself was an enhancement on his pioneering invention from 1877, which used tinfoil and had a smaller speaker cone).

(All rights belong to their owners. Gakken kit cover image used for review purposes only.)

This is also the 10th anniversary issue, marking 10 years of the Otona no Kagaku line.  One of the articles in the mook this time is a 2-page photo spread of mods that readers have made to the various kits.  One of my photos (of the reflective movie projector) was used in the article (middle photo below).

(Paraphrased, the paragraph reads: "Curtis Hoffmann-san x Reflective Film Projector. He added a 3V DC adapter and a larger white LED for additional light power. Hoffmann-san's website has reviews of all the back issue kits!" The link is to my list of kit mods.)

The next item is much longer term, and I have no idea when things will start happening, but I'll mention it now just to make this entry a little longer. Greg Cravens, creator of the Hubris webcomic, is in the process of planning a future story arc where different teams of outdoors enthusiasts compete against each other in events like cycling, skateboarding, rock climbing, endurance duct taping, etc. He's going to have cameo appearances in the strip of people from his paintball team, etc., as well as some of the readers from GoComics.  I might be in one of the lesser visible teams in the background, maybe. But the storyline may not start running for some weeks yet, so there's no guarantee one way or the other. He may make an announcement when the arc begins.


bartman905 said...

Congratulations on the 300K hit milestone. Keep blogging about Japan!

TSOTE said...

Thanks. And thanks for constantly dropping by!
I hope to have enough material to write about for some time to come...