Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Commentary: G-Fantasy

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Monthly G-Fantasy, 580 yen, 540 pages
G-Fantasy is published by video game company Square Enix as part of its Gan Gan imprint.  The artwork is above average, although the character designs tend to look a little childish. In some cases, this is taken to extremes, with the semi-erotic set-ups of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).  The target audience is college-age males and video game fans. Genres include fantasy, 18th century London goth-romance, detective stories, school life and Tokyo street fighting.

There are a few titles western readers will recognize:

Black Butler
Pandora Hearts
When the Seagulls Cry: Dawn of the Golden Witch

Past titles also include:

Nabari no Ou
Pani Poni
Zombie Loan

There's one freebie -  a mini-poster of Ciel Phantomhive taking a bath.

Other titles worth noting:

(Cuticle Detective)

Cuticle Detective, by Mochi.  A parody of detective stories and mafia intrigues. The character designs switch from cartoony to realistic, and there's a lot of gags.  Light, clean lines, silly setups. The main mafia leader is a goat.


Unparalleled Magical Angel Stabs the Sky! Ryofuko-chan, by Jiro Suzuki. (Jiro has worked on When the Seagulls Cry). This is a very well-drawn piece with an extremely ruthless little angel.  Interesting set-ups, and extreme poses for the gags. (I think it's cruel to get someone with big ears to listen intently to a metal pipe, and then hit it with a weapon.)

(Kimi to Boku)

Kimi to Boku, by Kiichi Hotta. School life series. I included it here just to demonstrate the art style.

(Utari! Heian-kyou)

Utari! Heian-kyou (Sing! Heian Capital), by Shin Mashiba. Shin is the creator of Nightmare Inspector, which has been translated for the U.S. market. No information in English for Utari, though. Very nice artwork and character designs. Heian-era fantasy piece with lots of fancy costume scenes.

Summary: G-Fantasy has quite a few titles that western readers will recognize, including the infamous Black Butler.  I did find the anime version of Durarara! interesting, even if impossible to understand.  I like Seagulls Cry, and Ryofu-chan has promise.  Recommended, if you have a goth bent.

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