Friday, September 14, 2012

Roundabout 2

Right across from the water conduit park is an old stone staircase running up the hill.  Looks to be abandoned, and here I am without my machete.

Turning around and looking past the water conduit park back to the end of the valley.  There was a small sign along the side of the street indicating that there was a shop of some kind back there, but I didn't see anything other than some houses, apartment buildings and offices.  At the far back, though, you can see the concrete wall of part of the runoff drainage system.

If you go all the way back to the runoff system, there are two routes.  One, along the main driveway, you go past the fronts of houses before the path deadends at a wall.  Instead, if you go over 50 feet to the west, you'll be on a small footpath behind the houses and this opens up on the small elevated yard here.  It would be a decent area for a small garden, but no one's taken the initiative for that yet.  Does look like someone's keeping the vegetation trimmed, though.  And for some reason, someone put an old traffic cone here.

Looking north from the traffic cone, there's another barrier wall. Rungs at the left let you climb up to the next level of the runoff system.

At the top of the wall, looking north.  You can almost see the gray concrete of the back wall peeking through the growth.  At one time, this area was all clean concrete. If anyone needs to get farther in to the runoff to see if repairs are needed, they're going to have to do some serious pruning first.

Turning around and looking down the runoff from the top of the wall.  Doesn't seem like the city expects much water to actually get this far.

Heading back to the water conduit park, there's a concrete wall to the west.

Gotta wonder just how much wind is needed to make scratches in the concrete like this.

From the water conduit park, I decided to keep heading west up another hill.  This time, I wanted to see if I could get up to some apartment complexes and houses that look down over the expressway 3 miles west of the apartment.  As I climbed, I passed this house.  The house and driveway look modern, but the walls and ceramic trim look like they date from the Edo era.

Near the top of the hill, looking over Kagoshima City.  The yellow speck in the middle distance is the Arena, an entertainment venue along side the Kotsuki river.  It's half a mile farther west than the Tecc.Land electronics store that I occasionally walk to.  The entrance to the Arena is where the Kagoshima prison used to be.

Zooming in on the Arena, the big square and round buildings to the upper right of the photo.  The row of low buildings running past the Arena indicates where the river is.

From the same hill, looking east.  The radio tower at the far back on the hill in the middle of the photo, is where the Shiroyama hotel is located.  My apartment is at the bottom of the other side of that hill.

Looking southwest. The houses follow up another valley and taper out. On the other hill is possibly the reservoir mentioned in the memorial marker at the water conduit park.

Going up the hill, there's a staircase to the west that goes up to a parking lot.  I went up the staircase to take the above photos overlooking the city.  Near the top of the staircase, something suddenly flew up and tried to escape, landing on a leaf of a plant extending over the side of the hill.  The wind made the leaf move around too much, and the insect crawled to the opposite side to hide from me, so I could only get one good shot before losing sight of it.  There weren't any loose branches for trying to poke it into view, and tossing pebbles at it risked hitting the cars driving on the street below.  No idea what kind of insect it is, though.  While it was flying it resembled a grasshopper.

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