Thursday, September 20, 2012

Short Review: Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, vol. 28

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(Back cover)

It's been a while since I mentioned Zetsubo Sensei.  In part this is because I wasn't sure what the newest volume number was.  Book Off had everything up to vol. 27, and I'd look at the shelves at Maruzen and not remember if I had #28 yet or not.  Finally, I gave up waiting for Book Off to carry #28 and I bought it new instead.  (At Book Off it would be 250 yen, new it's 440 yen.  Not a major difference.)  I had two primary reasons for making this purchase: 1) Find out what the papercraft page looks like; 2) Find out how many chapters remain uncollected.  On average, each book contains 10 chapters, and volume 28 has chapters 271 to 280.  Based on what's available on Manga Fox, the series ends with chapter #301.  Actually, ignoring all my calculations, I ultimately found book #30 at Maruzen.  For some reason, vol. 29 had completely sold out before I could even see it on the shelves, and isn't available at either of the three new bookstores in my area, or at Animate. However, I suddenly discovered a copy used at Book Off ( only has one new copy available, but several used copies at double the cover price). Anyway, the series does end with vol. 30.

(Inside front cover.  The joke is that she's poor, and doesn't want anyone to see how little she's paid on her part-time job.  This is a continuation of the "don't open it" thread.)

(Inside back cover. Madoka Marui is introduced in this volume as a time traveler from the future, in our present to benefit from her knowledge of "past" events to win lotteries and grab prizes that rightfully belong to everyone who says "if time travel exists, I would have won that".)

(In another chapter, the cast explores the concept of "using things in ways that they weren't intended for", such as turning Shonen Magazine issues into pillows.  Here, our hero turns a casket into "a home away from home".  The fun part about this picture is that it's taken from the big papercraft project at the back of books 21 on up.)

Which brings us to the papercraft page for this book.  It's a continuation of the big project, adding two more "mourners", and the priest that objects to Sensei using the casket as a reading room.

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