Monday, September 17, 2012

Up Sakura-jima

In preparing for my next long walk, I got to thinking that it might be worth getting a photo of my Tumbleweeds t-shirt.  Recently, I've been taking photos of things like the Endtown papercrafts being posed in Japan and sending them to the author, and have gotten a mostly positive response. And, since I received the Tumbleweeds shirt as a birthday present along with some autographed artwork and a signed Treasury, it was an easy decision to make the 'weeds shirt next.  Since the one direction I hadn't gone yet was east, I headed down to the aquarium near Dolphin Port to pick up the ferry to go across the bay to Sakura-jima.  Along the way, I noticed something in the middle of the bay that I didn't remember seeing before.  It was too small to be an island, and too far in the middle to be a light tower.  As I took pictures, some of the other passengers walked by me but no one said anything about it.  I wasn't listening closely to the captain, so I don't know if he had announced it at all.

Turns out it was a submarine.  Looks fairly old and small, so no idea why it was there or who owns it.  It's flying the Japanese flag, though.

The sky on the island was overcast, with lots of clouds at the peak of the mountain.  Down at the flat area near the port, a bunch of butterflies were flitting around some of the fruit trees. Generally they didn't stay in one place long enough to find them in the viewfinder.  This one was the only exception.

Taking the shot from a different angle completely changed the colors registered by the camera.

In the water collection bin at one end of a gutter along the street, a spider was spinning its web.  It moved pretty fast, making it hard for the camera to focus on it.  And, cheap digital cameras have trouble finding things like spiders and webs anyway.  This was the best of the 5 shots I took.

I took about 2 hours to walk from the ferry port up to the observation deck at 373 meters (close to 1,224 feet) altitude.  Along the way, it started raining and all the ash in the air coated up the shirt. I had a light raincoat with me, but it collected the humidity in the air and the inside of the raincoat got wetter than the outside.  The clouds around the top of the volcano made for a spooky picture, at least.

Of course, at the top of the walk, the rain stopped.  Entire round trip from apartment and back was 5 hours. Tom Ryan just said "thanks" for the shirt photo, though.

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