Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zetsubo Picross

While Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei had the funeral party papercraft projects from issue 21 on up, there had long been other games and activities that would occasionally pop up in the other books. In volume 7, one chapter parodies brain improvement games like Brain Age. The word "nouryoku" means "brain power", but the kanji used in this chapter, while having the same pronunciation, translates to "pus". The last couple pages at the back of the volume introduce some "pus power" activities that you can try.  The one that I decided to tackle was the picross puzzle shown below.  I've never tried picross before, and it looked fairly intimidating. So, I found an online tutorial and got started. I had to erase both puzzles a couple times and start over, and the entire thing took me well over 5 hours.  I think there's an error in the bigger puzzle. One of the row numbers doesn't align right with the matching column numbers. But, I still managed to get recognizable results in the end. (Cleaned-up versions of the final pictures are shown as inserts.)

The joke in the top picture is that Zetsubo appears in Shonen Magazine, while Conan is in rival Shonen Sunday. The bottom picture announces the start of the first anime series.

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